Our custom "chopped" Hammonds are built by hand at our shop in Somerville. These organs are built to be as small and light as possible for easier portability, while maintaining the strength and reliabilty needed to withstand the riggors of touring use.

The cases are built out of quality hardwood and 3/4" hardwood ply, stained to the customer's liking, and finished with at least 6 coats of polyurethane.

To insure reliability, a complete restoration of the organ's internals is always done before installation into the new case. The customer may choose to keep the stock tube preamp, or or have a new solid-state preamp installed. Use of a solid-state preamp yeilds a slightly lighter organ.

A custom remote swell pedal that retains the feel of the stock swell pedal is included. If the customer wishes to keep use of the footpedals, a seperate enclosure is made for the footpedal contact assembly . The assembly connects to the organ via two 37 pin computer connectors.

Many modifications can be done, including: variable percussion control, variable chorus depth control, equalization controls, reverb, effects loop, line output, bass line output, output for any type of Leslie, headphone output, side-kick Leslie footswich, and more. Percussion and scanner vibrato/chorus can be added to older model organs. Full harmonic foldback can be added to spinet models.