We take pride in providing professional, quality service to vintage electronic musical equipment.

There is no job too big or small for us here at Boss Organ. Whether your B-3 needs a complete restoration or your L-100 needs a new power cord, we'll do the job and do it right.

You can come to us or we will come to you for minor repairs or maintenance, or we will pick up your equipment and bring it to our shop for larger repairs or restoration. If you're playing a gig in the Boston area one night and the Hammond or Leslie fails, give us a ring and we will try to be there ASAP to get the show rolling again.

We also service, repair, or customize any tube driven guitar, bass, and hi-fi amplifier. We also provide servicing and repair of Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos.

As well as repairs and restoration, we can perform a number of modifications to your Hammond or Leslie. Common mods to an organ include installation of reverb, EQ controls, variable chorus depth, variable percussion volume, effects loop, line output, low-pass output, and hookups for any type of Leslie.

We can convert less desirable Leslie models, such as the 25, 120, 125, and 825 to similar specifications as a classic 122 or 147 by adding in a shelf and upper rotary horn. A new solid-state relay can be installed to get rid of the 'click' when changing Leslie speeds. Solid-state Leslie models can be converted to use a tube amp for a warmer sound. Leslies can be modified with higher powered amplifiers and speakers if more volume is needed.


Our Hammond Organ restorations include:

- cabinet restoration and refinishing
- busbar lube job for both manuals and pedals
- new key/pedal felts
- amplifier rebuild or installation of new solid state preamp
- manually lube every bearing in the tone generator
- vibrato scanner rebuild
- clean drawbar contacts
- remove and repaint corrosion where necessary
- new AC cords, install fuse
- install new capacitors on the tone generator and vibrato line box


Our Leslie Speaker restorations include:

-cabinet repair and refinishing
-rebuilding of motors
-amplifier rebuild
-new speed switching relay
-lube or replace all bearings
-speaker replacement if needed
-belt replacement if needed