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Boss Organ A-3

If the B3 is the king of organs, then the Boss Organ "A3" is for sure the queen!

The A3 is a 1930's Hammond model A, which has been thoroughly refurbished, upgraded, and "souped up" to have all of the functions of a B3, and more. The model A cabinet has the stylings of a B3, but is about 6" narrower - so the A3 is easier to move and takes up less space.


The original model A organs have pure sine wave tones 1-12, instead of the complex tones found in later organs. This along with the non-tapered manuals gives the original model A a huge sounding low end. For this reason, we keep the model A tone generator and lower manual. The keys for the lower manual get changed to later style "smooth edge" keys for easy glissandos. The upper manual gets swapped out for a later manual which has manual tapering, so you get the best of both worlds - upper manual has the classic B3 tonality, and the lower manual has a super fat tone which is amazing for left hand bass.


Percussion, chorus/vibrato, and smooth drawbars are added in.


We squeeze an AO28 (B3 type) preamp inside, and add-in our Boss Organ all-tube bass/treble EQ controls, gain boost, and spring reverb circuits, with the controls mounted in the cheekblock (essentially a built in Lunchbox).


We also add in our custom "booty bass" circuit, which is a switch that allows the first octave of notes on the 16' drawbar of the lower manual to toggle between "foldback" like found in a B3, or "bass all the way down" like found in the original model A.


Other mods can be added such as chorus depth control, percussion volume control, and effects loops. Any type of output can be installed, including Leslie connections with halfmoon, footswitch, or sidekick switch on the expression pedal for speed control, 1/4" line and low pass outputs, and XLR outputs.


ALL of the guts are rebuilt during the build process. The cabinet can be refinished if desired. You don't know what you've been missing until you play one of these beasts.... simply put the Boss Organ A3 swamps every other organ out there.

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