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Combo Preamp

The best sounding Combo Preamp for Leslie Speakers available!

Like all of our Boss Organ products, this combo preamp is all-tube. There are 12ax7 and 12au7 tubes inside, and a quality American made output transformer, for true vintage tone.

It also has bass and treble controls, for complete control of the sound. These EQ knobs are designed to give a flat frequency response when in the middle position, and you can cut or boost from there.

Any type of Leslie output can be installed: 122, 147, 251, 9-pin, or 11-pin. If you choose to add a 2nd Leslie output, both Leslie outputs can be used at the same time.

It also has a 1/4" output, so it can be used as a tube preamp for anything, not just Leslie's.

Has two 1/4" unbalanced inputs: hi gain and low gain.

This works great for any instrument or audio signal - guitars, clonewheels, keyboards, synthesizers, re-amping a recorded track, etc!

These are built to order, lead time 3-4 weeks.


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