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Leslie Amplifier Rebuild
and Modification

From the electronics to the cosmetics, we can make your tired or not-working Leslie amp good as new. This can be done via the mail (ship us the amp and we will ship it back), or bring the amp in personally. We take great care in our amp work, with an emphasis on reliability and doing the job right.

We also offer a variety of Leslie amplifier modifications:

Conversion/upgrade of early 20 and 30 watt models (as well as other models) to the classic 122 or 147 type 40 watt circuits.

Conversion to universal 1/4" input, with IEC power cable and a footswitch for speed control. This is done by adding a 12ax7 tube preamp into the amplifier to boost the input signal. We also add in a tone knob for more control of the sound. This modification gets rid of the need for a Combo Preamp and Leslie multipin cable, for people who want to use a clonewheel, guitar, or other instrument with the Leslie. Plug any audio source directly into the amp and go!

Spring reverb can be added into the amplifier circuit by adding in another tube, reverb transformer, pertaining circuitry, and mounting a spring tank inside the cabinet.

We also build custom chassis Leslie type tube amps that are physically smaller but have the same electronics as the 122 or 147, for installation into smaller sized Leslie's - such as converting an 860 to tube power, or other custom leslie builds.

Contact us for more info!

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