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M3 Chop

This is the smaller version of our full console chop... the custom M3 chop!

Pricing starts $4k

Customers choice of cabinet color.

As with all Boss Organ custom organs, all guts are completely rebuilt: recapped generator and line box, cleaned/lubed busbars, new felts, rebuilt scanner, cleaned drawbars, gooey foam removed (if present), and more.

The original AO29 is rebuilt and modified- the power tube section is removed and the amp is converted into a preamp, like an AO28.

Full harmonic foldback added to the top manual, lower manual dropped an octave by the addition of "bass foldback".

The Boss Organ Lunchbox features can be built into the organ - bass, treble, gain, and spring reverb controls. Other optional controls are chorus depth and percussion volume.

Customers choice of Leslie output.

1/4" line output and low pass output.

Custom optical expression pedal which maintains the feel of the original - built from a vintage Hammond H100/E100/L100 type pedal.

Effects loop for either manual can be added.

Detachable bass pedals can be added for an additional cost.

Heavy duty stand, removable key cover.

Optional frequency stabilizer to insure organ is always in tune, even when run off a generator or run off 50hz power.

Contact us if you are interested in commissioning a custom organ!

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