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The best sounding Combo Preamp for Leslie Speakers available!

Like all of our Boss Organ products, this combo preamp is all-tube. There are 12ax7 and 12au7 tubes inside, and a quality American made output transformer, for true 'vintage' tone.

It also has bass and treble controls, for complete control of the sound. These EQ knobs are designed to give a flat frequency response when in the middle position, and you can cut or boost from there.

Up to three Leslie outputs of any type can be installed: 122, 147, 251, 9-pin, 11-pin, or Tone Cabinet 6-pin. Mix and match. All outputs can be used simultaneously!

It also has a 1/4" outputs (both balanced and unbalanced), so it can be used as a tube preamp for anything, not just Leslie's.

Has two 1/4" unbalanced inputs: hi gain and low gain.

These preamps have LOADS of gain. More gain than any other combo preamp available. Beautiful clean tones, or heavily overdriven tones are possible simply by adjusting the volume knob.

This works great for any instrument or audio signal - organs, guitars, clonewheels, keyboards, synthesizers, re-amping a recorded track, etc!

These are built to order, lead time usually 3-6 weeks.


International shipping charged seperately, actual shipping cost calculated at time of shipping. International shipping is charged seperately, actual shipping cost. (Note, international shipping can get pricey, estimated $50-150 depending on location. Import taxes, if applicable, are not included.)


Vacuum Tube Combo Preamp for Leslie Speakers


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