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Plug and play, global effects loop for Hammond Console Organs. 


This device allows any instrument level or line level FX pedal/unit to work with Hammond B3/C3/A100/RT3/D100/B2/C2/and RT2 organs. (Organ must have the stock tube preamp). Plugs into the organ using the same cable as the Boss Organ Lunchbox. The cable intercepts the 12BH7 tube (6SN7 tube in -2 series organs). 


The effects loop is global - meaning it is post vibrato/percussion/expression, and applies to the entire instrument (both manuals and pedals). It has seperate SEND and RETURN volume controls, allowing you to dial in the exact signal level desired for your FX chain, anywhere from instrument level to pro line level. Also has a true bypass switch. Powered by a 24vdc external supply (included), which works for any power grid - 100 to 240vac. Includes European plug adapter.


Built to order. Lead time usually 2-6 weeks.



1) Turn organ off. Unplug 12BH7 tube from organ preamp (6SN7 for -2 series). Plug intercept cable into socket previously occupied by 12BH7. Plug the 12BH7 tube into top of interceptor cable. Clip Ground wire to GND terminal or to preamp chassis. 


2) Plug the 1/4 TRS plug on the intercept cable into the jack on back of the FX Loop. Plug your FX chain into the SEND/RETURN jacks. Turn organ on.


3)Set level controls. Instrument level will be with the SEND level set all the way down and the RETURN level set all the way up. Pro line level is the opposite. Both controls in the middle will be roughly consumer line level. The goal is to set the SEND/RETURN controls so that unity gain is achieved (as compared to if the loop was bypassed) - while at the same time the loop has the desired signal level to drive your effects properly. Use the IN/OUT switch to compare signal level of the loop bypassed vs engaged, and set the controls so that the same volume is achieved in both settings. All done, enjoy the sounds!


Note: If using this FX loop simultaneously with a Boss Organ Lunchbox, the FX loop cable should be inserted on the chassis side, and the Lunchbox cable inserted on the tube side of the stacked interceptor cables.


International shipping is charged seperately, at time of shipping. Import taxes not included. 





Effects Loop for Hammond Organs - Plug and Play

  • AO28 cable is for B3/C3/A100/D100/RT3

    AO10 cable is for B2/C2/RT2

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