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This is a plug and play B+ power supply for Hammond organ models A, AB, AV, B, BA, BC, BCV, BV, C, CV, D, DV, G, and RT. It also provides 1/4” line output and low pass outputs at the same time.


Use this box in place of a Tone Cabinet or 122 type Leslie in order to supply B+ power (high voltage DC) to the organ’s preamp. Plugs into the organ's stock 6-pin output. Allows the organ to work without having one of these speakers connected.


The 1/4” unbalanced outputs allow you to connect the organ to any amplifier, PA system, Leslie simulator, bass amp, etc.. The knob adjusts the volume of both outputs. Both outputs can be used simultaneously.


No soldering, wiring, or electronic knowledge needed to connect. Just plug it in!


Not to be used simultaneosly with a Tone Cabinet or 122 type Leslie.


For 115/117 volt organs only.

B+ power supply with line outputs - plug and play

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