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Service work is a huge part of the day to day operations at Boss Organ, whether its on-site field work or in the shop. In the Boston area alone, we upkeep the Hammond organs and speakers at hundreds of churches, studios, venues, rehearsal spaces, and residences. Will travel anywhere in New England for an additional cost.

We service vintage Hammond Organs, Leslie Speakers, tube amplifiers (guitar/bass etc), Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos, and occasionally combo organs.

We DO NOT service digital gear, clonewheels, or Lowrey/Gulbransen/Baldwin/Wurlitzer organs. Sorry.

On-site service rate for the Boston area is $160 for the first hour (minimum), $80 per additional hour (pro-rated), plus parts.

In-shop service rate is $65/hr, plus parts.

Give us a call!

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