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Single Manual M3 Chop

This custom Boss Organ model is the lightest tonewheel Hammond we can build! Weighs 125 lbs. Smaller and lighter than a 73 key Rhodes. Price starts at $4k.

Customer's choice of cabinet color.

Full harmonic foldback and manual tapering added to the manual, which gives the organ the tonality of its big brother the B3 (though it still has less keys).

Re-capped generator and line-box, rebuilt vibrato scanner, lubed busbars, new felts.

New Trek II SSP-3a preamp with spring reverb.

Percussion switches moved to where bass pedal switches used to be.

Optional controls for gain, bass, treble, and percussion volume.

1/4" line input, for plugging in a bass synth or other keyboard into the organ, to act as a lower manual... sound gets controlled by expression pedal, and gets sent to Leslie.

Effects loop, can be line level or instrument level.

Leslie output of your choice, plus 1/4" line output.

Integrated halfmoon style switch for Leslie control, also jack for footswitch.

Optional frequency stabilizer to insure organ is always in tune, even when run off a generator or run off 50hz power

Removable key cover, heavy duty stand.

Carefully designed for smallest size possible, yet still extremely serviceable.

Contact us if you are interested in commissioning one of these truly portable tonewheel Hammonds!

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