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The legendary Boss Organ creation is a must-have for any Hammond Organ owner!


This is a plug and play accessory for Hammond B3/C3/A100/RT3/D100/B2/C2/and RT2 organs, as well as Leslie 147 family speakers. It is an all-tube amplifier which puts delicious spring reverb, bass and treble EQ, overdrive and master volume (gain) controls at your fingertips. This little box holds many different tasty sounds in it. Unleash the full potential of your organ!

These are built to order, lead time usually 3-4 weeks.


For more info, videos, reviews, and pictures, click HERE.


International shipping is charged seperately, actual shipping cost.

The Lunchbox

  • AO28 cable is for B3, C3, RT3, A100, and D100 organs. Intercepts the 12BH7 tube in the organ preamp.

    A010 cable is for B2, C2, and RT2 organs. Intercepts the 6SN7 tube in the organ preamp.

    Leslie 147 cable is for Leslie amplifiers 147, 47, 125, and 25. Intercepts the 12AU7 tube.